Published on 27 March 2018 

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Marinda Van Zyl

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Cervical Cancer can be

Prevented. Here's How.

I created this video to highlight the importance of prevention and early detection of Cervical Cancer. When it was originally shared online, the feedback was overwhelming. Many women contacted me to share their stories and to tell me that they had made an appointment to see their gynaecologist. Preventative measures can save lives, and that is why I keep speaking about it. I've subsequently been interviewed on CliffCentral and on ENCA. I have also started speaking to at corporate companies to spread awareness. Please contact me if you feel that this talk could add value to the women in your organisation.

Everybody knows someone who has battled the effects of cancer, sometimes for years after being healed, and sometimes to death. 50% of patients with cervical cancer will die from the disease. That's half of everyone who is diagnosed, an exceptionally high mortality rate. Cervical cancer is preventable and with just a few precautions, you can greatly reduce your risk of contracting it. 


Shortly after publishing this video, I was privileged to be interviewed by Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral. We discussed some ideas around the prevention of this awful disease, as well as a little bit about my own personal story. 

In the CliffCentral Studio

You can listen to the podcast here:

A quick photo with Gareth Cliff after the interview

The Radisson Blu Hotel invited me to speak at their 2018 Women's Day Breakfast this August. It was an interactive talk about HPV, going for your PAP Smear, and the feedback was fantastic. Click here if you'd like to see short snippets of the talk:

"Marinda gave a talk on cervical cancer prevention at our recent Women's Day Breakfast. We asked her to include a segment about a very sensitive topic, and she handled that with ease. The audience was engaged, and there was a lively Q&A session after the talk. We had great feedback from the guests, and many of them said that they found the talk informative," Kathleen Lee, Radisson Blu.

Short Snippets of my recent Talk at The Radisson Blu:

Full Talk plus Q&A Session:

Talking Cervical Cancer on eNCA:

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Duduzile Ramela on eNCA. Along with Dr. Devan Moodley, we discussed cervical cancer prevention and treatment.

Part One:

Part Two: