Case Study: Jewellery Photography

Client: Ntinga Gold and Diamonds


Our client, Ntinga Gold and Diamonds, got in contact with us, as they were in the process of redesigning their website. They wanted their new range photographed to be featured on the new site. Instead of just photographing the jewellery on a white background as we've done before, they wanted us to create images that would bring their gorgeous pieces 


their jewellery to come into its own by having models wear the pieces. This created a few interesting challenges.  Ideally, you would need a lot of space when photographing models, as the lighting setup is quite intricate. 

How did you end up doing massage?


One night it just came to me that that’s what I wanted to do. I did a course and then started trying to build up clients slowly and painstakingly. I worked in a salon for a while, doing massage. That was before I had kids. The salon where I worked offered pilates, and the instructor asked if I wanted to teach, so I did a course and started teaching Pilates. In the interim, I did a few add-on sports massage courses because that was really what my passion was.


teardrop earrings final.jpg
ntinga erraings.jpg
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