Case Study: Oakley Group Training Video Series


The Client:


  • Script editing.

  • Location recce.

  • Concept.

  • Shot list.

  • Filming schedule.

Oakley Group is a logistics company that transports consumer goods and mining cargo.


Oakley Group makes use of technology in their operations. Each driver has a TomTom that he uses to note pre-trip inspection details, to take photos of incidents, to record mileage and fuel consumption, etc. Before, trainers would have four TomTom tablets in the classroom, which they would use as a teaching aid. If the trainer forgot something or didn't explain it thoroughly, training would be compromised. The training department wanted an all-encompassing solution that is practical and can be used in class, on a laptop and at the mines.

Key Outcomes:

  • The turnaround time for the business to get paid by clients has decreased significantly. Previously, a driver may have taken 21 days to get documentation filed because they were on the road. Now, having watched the training videos, the drivers are able to file paperwork electronically, reducing the waiting period.

  • Drivers that aren't fully literate can watch and follow along.

  • Being able to view step-by-step instructions is beneficial for drivers whose first language is not English. 

  • Fewer calls to solve driver-related queries. Troubleshooting is quicker and easier.

  • Training is now paperless.



  • Producing.

  • Directing.

  • Filming.

We created a 10-part video training series to teach drivers how to use the TomTom system in a step-by-step manner. The videos have become the most valuable part of their training arsenal. Instead of replacing the trainers, the videos have become the tool they use to facilitate conversation and instruction. The videos are being used daily to train new drivers and as a refresher for existing drivers.


  • Video editing.

  • Voice-over.

  • Motion graphics.

  • Colouring.

  • Music.

  • Rendering

Quote from the client:

"Thank you for creating a high-quality product for our training department. You really went to a lot of trouble. The videos are clear with excellent sound. It's had a powerful impact in our organisation".

Louwrie Nortje, Training Manager, Oakley Group

One of the training videos: