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Video Biography, Johan van Graan - Fine Artist.


Johan is a talented artist who has overcome almost unbearable adversity to thriving as an artist and as a human being. Johan is a gentle soul and his students and those who come into contact with him can attest to that. Don't let that fool you though, he is exceptionally talented and devoted to his craft.

I hope you will love this video as much as we loved producing it. It's not your average 2-minute clip, you can't tell someone's life story in the time it takes to make a cup of tea.

We believe it's well worth the watch.


As I was finishing the last editing on the shoot I’d just done of various schools in Malawi, I came across an image that brought tears to my eyes. A little boy’s hands are holding a pen, resting on his notebook. The pages are dirty and dog-eared. His tiny hands are dusty, his nails unkempt.


Imagine being given a cancer diagnosis three times. This is the story of Zoe, an incredibly brave and inspirational woman, who survived the disease above all odds.


We created a video featuring various women who told us when they had their last PAP Smear, as well as hearing from women who have battled the disease. Cervical cancer is preventable and with just a few precautions, you can greatly reduce your risk of contracting it. 


Included is the link to Gareth Cliff's interview with Marinda, where they discuss her story and measures that can be taken to prevent the disease.


Looking at Zulé Vuuren, you’d be hard pressed to see the young girl who once believed she’d be dead by the age of 21. In her place is a dynamic entrepreneur with an appetite for risk and a compulsion to effect positive change in the world. This seismic transformation didn't happen overnight..

Purpose cannot be avoided, it is to be toiled with, collided with, worn like a cloak, not to be discarded. It rests heavily on your shoulders, but it envelops you in comfort, in peace. Anything less is a fabrication of the truth.


In April 2015, South Africa was rocked to the core by a spate of Xenophobic attacks. We interviewed South Africans who have close friendships with foreigners who live here. These are their stories.  

Imagine, if you will, being on a date with someone who seems a little on edge, though you can’t quite put your finger on it. Although he comes across as a nice guy, funny even, the conversation doesn’t quite flow. At the end of the date, he walks you to your car. Chivalry died somewhere in the 80’s, so you find this gesture admirable. So much so, that you linger at the car, drawing out the conversation, hoping to make the connection that feels just beyond reach. You talk for a while, and he is clearly agitated, becoming more fidgety by the minute. Eventually, he all but shoves you into the driver’s seat while hastily making an exit. You never hear from him again...

Cindy MacGregor is an accidental entrepreneur with a heart for women. She spoke with me about the path that led her to become the owner of Nina Belle Spa, and how she feels she’s able to make a difference in the lives of those who are overstretched and overburdened...

Mavis Ureke is an author, international speaker, and a human behaviour specialist who specialises in emotions for success. We had an insightful conversation about the path that led her to pursue the area of emotions and their effect on various aspects of our lives.

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Mavis Ureke

The heartfelt stories of 9 brave women who talk about their often difficult relationships with food.

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My Body Battle