Coronavirus has changed the way we do business. What now?

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Here in South Africa, we're on day 53 247 521 of lockdown, with no end in sight. I've stopped counting, actually. Since lockdown started, your inbox has probably been filled to the brim with businesses trying to hang on to the little bit of market share they have left.

Some are pivoting into new avenues. Some are laying off staff. Some are pretending that we're on holiday and that everything will return to normal soon. There is no more normal. What we knew as normal has been replaced by uncertainty.

But, with uncertainty comes opportunity. The pace at which we were working was unsustainable anyway. I often felt close to burnout. This situation is forcing me to rethink and streamline a lot of our processes that have always been cumbersome, but that I just never got around to adjusting.

It has also forced me to look at our service offering with a fresh eye. The one thing our clients need is to be able to stay in touch with their audience. The one thing our clients can't do the way we always used to, is create content to help them stay in touch with their audience.

Shooting video requires in-person contact. Doing photo shoots requires in-person contact. The only thing that doesn't, is to create digital content that can be done remotely.

So, I set about creating an explainer video to explain what an explainer video is, and how it could help you with your marketing efforts.

I didn't want to create this video with those cut-and-paste online services. They're not customisable enough and I really want us to be able to offer a full, custom service to our clients. Bespoke, if you will. There are templated elements, but the design and concept has come together using three programs, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Character Animator.

If you've been wondering what's next for your business, have a look at the video to see if this is a viable option to stay in touch with your audience, whether that be clients or staff. Our animators and illustrators are ready to wow you. 

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Stay safe,