Why you should do the hard things

Hard things are by definition, hard. They're the difficult things you don't want to do but know without a doubt you have to do. They're the things that turn you from proactive to procrastinator. We all have those things in the back of our minds we've been putting off, not because we don't believe they should be done, for we realise their importance. It has a lot more to do with these things:

Fearing change:

They say the comfort zone is where dreams go to die. It's terribly cliché, but it's the truth. We will never grow as individuals and in business if we're not willing to do the hard things. Often, we already know what those things are. We're just putting them off for an unidentified date in the future that may or may not come. Sometimes life happens at such a rapid rate that all we want is an ounce of normality, to hold onto that which we know and find comfort in. I'm here to tell you that that's ok. Just don't get stuck there. The more we put off doing the hard things, the easier they become to avoid and eventually we get stuck in a rut that is terribly difficult to break out of. Indecision leads to paralysis.

Avoiding conflict:

There are the hard things we do to better ourselves like eating well and exercising regularly. And then there are hard things we have to do to preserve our peace of mind. Those things often involve our relationship with others and that's precisely what makes them difficult. Sometimes we have to say no to someone because saying yes would lead us down the garden path of self-compromise. We instinctively know what is good for us. We know when we're being treated unfairly. We know because of that righteous anger that wells up inside of us when someone takes advantage of us. Most of us know, but we hate the idea of conflict so much that we suppress that gut feeling until we end up being angrier at ourselves than at the people who we should have said no to. Sadly, we will keep allowing people to treat us this way until we face the potential conflict or loss head-on.

Once you've taken that step and you've done one hard thing, you'll experience freedom from incapacity that will create in you the ability to do what is difficult but necessary. It's like a muscle, exercising it is painful and sometimes unpleasant, but the benefits far outweigh the difficulties. Every time you do it, it becomes easier, until you've grown so much that you hardly recognise your former, fearful self.

What hard things have you been putting off? What do you know you should do but haven't acted on because you fear change or conflict? May I encourage you to take those steps today? Doing this will be difficult, but I can guarantee you the growth will be worth it.

Until next time,


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