15 October 2020

We created a video as a giveaway to celebrate our 15th birthday and it's hot off the press!

Today is Heatwave's 15th birthday. That's 5475 days of doing what I love for a living. Can you imagine that? That's a loooong time, yet it doesn't feel that long at all. Gretchen Rubin said: "The days are long, but the years are short", and that's such an apt way to summarise what these 15 years have felt like. I am eternally grateful for the privilege to be doing what I love, and also for growth.


We've grown from only doing photography to offering a more holistic service. We create visual communications to help brands tell their story using photos, video productions and words. Read more about our story here https://www.heatwavestoryagency.com/our-story


To celebrate our birthday, we decided to run a storytelling video giveaway. I really wanted to tell a human-interest story that we could sink our teeth into.


You might ask why we would do something like this, and it's a fair question.


Corporate work is amazing to do, but we don't often get the opportunity to do more creative work. I really felt like creating something beautiful.⁣⁣ I wanted to get my hands dirty and push the team to create a video that's both stunning visually and that touches the heart.


Our winner is fine artist, Johan van Graan. Johan's story is one of courage and determination. He has overcome almost unbearable adversity to thriving as an artist and as a human being. Johan is a gentle soul and his students and those who come into contact with him can attest to that. Don't let that fool you though, he is exceptionally talented and devoted to his craft.


I hope you will love this video as much as we loved producing it. It's not your average 2-minute clip, you can't tell someone's life story in the time it takes to make a cup of tea.


But I believe it's well worth the watch.


Until next time,


Biography: Johan van Graan, Fine Artist

We gave away a storytelling video. This was the promo:

Heatwave is turning 15 on 15 October. To celebrate, we're giving away a professionally produced storytelling video.


That's right!


We're going to produce a video telling one of your human interest stories.


Why are we doing this?

Because we believe that storytelling is one of the most effective ways of communicating and we believe in giving back. Also, it's our birthday and we can!


Do you have a human-interest story to tell? It could be about running your business, overcoming an obstacle or about success against all odds. Even if your brand makes a difference in the lives of others, you're welcome to enter. 


Giveaway T’s and C’s:  


1.            The closing date for submissions is 18 September 2020. 


2.            You have to be based in Johannesburg, South Africa. 


3.            We need to be able to shoot at your location, whether it be an office, your home, or a place that you're comfortable with. 


4.            The shoot will take place between 27 September 2020 and 2 October 2020. 


5.            There has to be an actual human-interest story, not just a promo for your products or services. 


6.            You are welcome to use this video for your own promotional purposes but you may not edit it in any way. 


7.            You must sign a model release allowing us to use the video in our marketing campaigns.


8.            The prize isn’t transferrable and can’t be exchanged for cash. 


Every entry will be carefully evaluated and the story that piques our interest most will be the one we tell. To assist with pre-production, we may do a site visit before the day of the shoot.


To enter, please email a 500-word summary of the story you would like us to tell to videogiveaway@heatwavestoryagency.com.


We can't wait to hear from you!


Lots of love,



PS: Please share this with a friend you think might be interested.